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Ralixen T. Nabradia and Valerie Valentine FFS by SamaHafiz2000 Ralixen T. Nabradia and Valerie Valentine FFS by SamaHafiz2000
I like the Final Fantasy series that is why I made this artwork. On the left is Ralixen Theodrn Nabradia, son of Ashe of Dalmache and her late husband. He is based on the fanfiction that I read. In the fanfic, he die from red plague. However I decide to draw him as a 17 year old explorer. In my version, the nurse took care of him but lied to Ashe that he die from red plague. She lied to her because she knew he is the chosen one when darkness had fallen once again and decided to raise him as her own and call him Ronin until he was 15 because she will tell her about his mom. And Ralixen set out to find her. He resemble both of Ashe and Ralixer. He wields bow and arrows. On the right is Valerie Valentine, daughter of Vincent Valentine and Lucrecia Crescent. I wanted to draw her so badly because Vincent loves Lucrecia so badly. She is in her mid 20's and is a mysterious person said to have Jennova cells and the power of Chaos within her. Compare to Angeal's angelic wing, she have a feathery scales dragon wing when she had Jennova cells. It is to believe she was born before Lucrecia was sealed by the Jennova cells because Jennova wanted her to destroy the world one more time with the power of chaos if Sephiroth fails. Jennova did this by controlling Lucrecia to use Vincent's sperm when she tried to revives him and impregnated herself and she grew rapidly due to the cell. She went to the orphanage at the age of 5 and lied that her parents were killed by wild animals and was raised there until 12 year old to become a Pop Star until the time is right to introduce herself to Cloud and Vincent. She named herself Valerie and know about her origin due to talking with Jennova in her mind and used the alias Viola Vaughan to blend into the society. Her personality is similar to Sephirot, believing that Jennova is her mom yet have a logical mind likes Lucrecia but cold likes Vincent. She does not have a ego and she believe she is not god, all she wanted was to see the ocean. Her weak spot is puppies and flowers because she cares about life yet she love a bloody fight to the death. She wields a sniper-sword.
SamaHafiz2000 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Student Artist
Everyone can make a comment about my fanart. I really need some comments. 😭
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October 25, 2016
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